Angry Spade T-Shirt Giveaway!

We wanted to celebrate the opening of Angry Spade with a contest, so we are giving away a free t-shirt to one lucky Angry Spade fan at the end of February!

So, whats the catch?  To be entered all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter! Yup, thats all, no real catch here.

On February 28th we will pick one of our subscribers to win a t-shirt completely free.  On March 1st we will send out a newsletter announcing the winner.  We will also contact the winner separately to get their mailing address and to let them pick the color and size of their new shirt.  So be sure to use a valid email address when signing up for the newsletter!

If this contest goes well(and so far it has) then we will definitely be doing more contests like this one.  For example, if you would like a head start on our next planned contest, follow Angry Spade on Twitter!

Thats all the news we have for now, remember to sign up for the Angry Spade newsletter before February 28 to be entered to win a free t-shirt!


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