Daily Tees iPhone/iPod App

For designers and t-shirt fans who frequent shirt design contest websites like Design By Humans, Tee Fury, RIPT Apparel or others like them we have something interesting for you.

How much time does it take you to visit each of these websites to see what the daily tee is?  Probably the same amount of time it takes you to eat breakfast.  What if all of these website’s daily tees could be collected all nice and neat into one place so you could see them all at once, maybe even while you eat that breakfast?  Now you can.

We found a tool for all of you iPhone, iPod and soon to be iPad users that can do everything suggested above and a little bit more.  This app called Daily Tees is constructed by Andrew Vilcsak.  Andrew is only 18 years old and has created quite a few apps for the apple products people love.  You  might be familiar with the apps Battery Life, My Stops, or GPS X, all of which Andrew has developed.

Daily Tees shows you the six biggest daily t-shirt sites, and more are on the way.  Plus, not only can you see all of the shirts, but you can also save the artwork for your wallpaper on your device.  In addition to this there is a link to buy each shirt right from the app.  The best part is, it’s completely FREE!  So you have no reason not to try out this awesome app brought to you by Andrew Vilcsak.  Have fun with it!


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