– A New Tool For Tee Designers

Go Media and The Black Axe have teamed up to bring every t-shirt designer out there an amazing tool.  It is made for use by beginners and professionals alike, this tool is called and does exactly what the name states.  You can use it to mock-up your design on a shirt without ever opening Photoshop, and in the end it looks as professional as if you bought some expensive mock-up templates and did it yourself.

The steps are simple and lead to great results.  Just upload your artwork, choose your shirt style and color and download your mock-up for free!  It’s as simple as that with any design.  We tried it out on one of our Angry Spade designs: Example

Click for larger image

As you can see the results are pretty awesome, and with their plans to expand this great tool things can only get better(and easier!).  We’ve heard that they plan to make a Pro version of this that will include women’s shirts and who knows what other cool features.

Of course, the best part is that it’s all for free, so head on over and upload your art, mock it up, and download your file for free at!


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