T-Shirt Tag Relabeling – Things You May Not Know

One of the things in today’s t-shirt world that is getting pretty popular is replacing the shirts original tag with a printed one or a custom woven one.  This is a great way to make your brand stand out and give your shirts that extra flare, but there are some legal matters to this that some designers out there may not know about.  Today we’ll highlight each of these and do some explaining.

So you have your shirt all planned out and ready to go off to print and you decide you want to do custom labels.  Cool.  Next you whip up a cool logo with your website and you are on your merry way.  Wrong.  There is a lot more to this than slapping your logo onto the neck of a t-shirt.

First of all, how are you going to know what the size of your shirts are?  When you remove the original tag, the size goes with it.  So naturally this needs to be a part of your custom tag design.  Yes, this does mean you need to have a different design for each size.  Or, if you wanted to get creative you could make one design with all of the sizes and use a paint marker( or something similar) to mark each shirt with its proper size.  Be original!  Everyone is doing this right now and you don’t want to look like a copy cat.

The next thing is, how are people suppose to know how to care for their new awesome shirt? Yes we know, doing your laundry is something that shouldn’t really become a legal matter, but in today’s world, there are people who cause it to be this way.  The washing info needs to be a part of your tag.  Throw it it in there somehow, it doesn’t have to be a book-long step by step guide on how to wash a t-shirt.  Something simple like “Wash cold, tumble dry low.” works perfect.  That’s done, next step.

Country of origin, find out what country your t-shirt blanks were made in.  This is one of the more important parts of the tag.  This can be added by just saying “Made in *insert country here*”.  Along with this goes the fiber content of the shirt, you have to include if the shirt is 100% cotton, or whatever it is made out of, if its made out of some special kind of cotton, make sure you add that.  This may seem stupid but it does matter and it legally needs to be there.

Last thing is something called an RN number, RN stands for registered nurse.  Just kidding, in textile land, RN stands for Registered Identification Number.  This can be your company’s number or the number from the company who manufactured your shirts.  As long as its there.  Not such a big deal, right?

Now, don’t you feel like you learned a thing or two?  Head out there and make your own tags asap!  Want to see some examples of custom printed tags?  I Am The Trend did a nice little post on their blog that features 17 awesome examples- Check it out!  For more info about the laws on relabeling, please visit this FTC Relabeling Requirements link.


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