Sticker Mule – New Sticker Printing Service

While par-oozing around the inter webs I stumbled across Sticker Mule.  A totally cool and awesome sticker printing service that offers custom die cut stickers along with all of the usual shapes and sizes.  They print on high quality vinyl in full color.  According to the description on their website, their stickers will last up to 5-7 years without fading, on top of that, they are scratch and water resistant.  Neat!

My favorite part about Sticker Mule is that they offer FREE shipping through UPS.  That is pretty sick, I must say.  They don’t only offer stickers, they also whip up some mean laptop and iPhone skins that will leave you gawking for quite a while.  Okay…maybe that was a little overboard.  But you catch my drift.  They’re just an awesome printing place with a lot to offer.  I won’t keep talking long, but here are some of my favorites from their website:

I’m placing an order with these guys pretty soon.  I will update you all with pictures when they come in!  Pretty excited to get some new stickers printed by Sticker Mule.


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