Here’s The Haps

Hello there!  We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are ready to bring in the new year, we sure are!  There’s lots of new stuff going on in 2011 and here are just a few of them:

New shirts – You may have seen the preview we posted a little while ago that introduced our new design titled The Last Leaf(previously called The Lonely Tree), these new tees are still set to release on January 10th!  If you missed out on the preview come take a look here.

Bracelets – You know those rubber bracelets that everyone has?  Well, we decided to order some and do something good with them, we only ordered 10 of these bracelets and 50% off the profits will be going to a suicide prevention program.  If they go well, we’ll do them again, it’s all up to you guys and if you like them!  You can expect to see these with our winter line on January 10th.

Metallic Buttons – We ordered some seriously cool looking buttons from our friends over at Auxiliary Buttons and we can’t wait to get these in to show you guys.  They have a metallic shiny look to them which is really neat.  We got word yesterday that they’ll be here in a day or two so just hold tight we’ll be releasing these as soon as we get them!

Stickers – We have two new stickers for you guys!  One features a die cut of Find The Key, and the other is made to go with our new The Last Leaf design.  These will be up when the buttons are added to the store.  Remember, every shirt comes with free stickers too 😉

Professional Model Photos – Thanks to Adam over at Focused In Photography, we’ll be getting our new winter line professionally photographed with models and everything!  This is a big step for us and we’re super excited to be doing this, hopefully from now on all of our shirts will be photographed by Adam so they’ll be looking fresh to death!

That’s just about all of the updates we have for you right now, it’s a lot to soak in 😉  Have an awesome night everyone!

Jen & Alyssa


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