Auxiliary Buttons Review

As some of you know we have been working with Auxiliary Buttons to find the latest thing to add to our store, and we found it!  The other day we released our series of Find The Key metallic buttons.  Auxiliary did an amazing job on these, and we got them in less than a week!  I promised to write a review of these when I got them for any other clothing lines that may be looking for buttons, so here it is:

Like I already stated, we ordered metallic buttons, opted for the 1.25″ size and split our order up into four different color combos.  The result was better than we expected!  Look at these bad boys!

Metallic Buttons

The picture doesn’t do these much justice, they’re a bit more metallic and brighter in color than they look but you can get the gist of it.  They’re super shiny and the pins are nicely secured where they belong.

The turn around time was amazing! We got these in about 5 business days from the day we paid for them, that is REALLY fast.  So if you’re in a rush, don’t worry too much about it Auxiliary can work with you.  Just don’t forget, they’re still human, so don’t expect your buttons tomorrow or something.

Another thing I liked is they separated our four designs into little zip lock bags,  this was really nice and saved me the work of doing it myself.  I know it’s not a huge amount of work or anything but it was just nice to see the effort put forth.  Anyway, if you were thinking about ordering from Auxiliary but you aren’t sure yet, stop debating, here is all the proof you need that they can provide you with what you need at a great price.  And fast!

If you missed it before, read the intro post I did about them here.  You can also follow Auxiliary Buttons on Twitter or like them on Facebook.  GO!

You can grab one of these buttons for only $1.50 or get all four for $2.99 from the Angry Spade store.


PS- If you order, tell them Angry Spade sent you! =)


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