Say Good Bye To $9 Grab Bag Tees!

Grab Bag

That’s right, it’s been a good time but its time so say bye bye to the grab bag tee deal.  For about one more week we’ll have one of each size in stock, if you want one of our tees for only $9 then you better go right now and get one because who knows when(or if) we’ll ever bring this deal back.  Click here to snag one now!

Don’t know how this deal works?  Well here’s a quick run down:

These shirts are chosen at random (in your size of course! Not to worry you won’t be getting THAT kind of surprise from us!) and sent out just like any of our other shirts.  We also include free stickers and buttons!

If you happen to already have a particular shirt of ours and want to make sure you don’t go paying for a repeat, not to worry! Just email us at leave a note during check out) and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen! Keep in mind though, by repeats we mean same colour and design; you may receive the same design, but in a different colour than the one you have.

If you miss out on this deal, don’t whine!  You have been warned =)

Love you all ❤
Jen & Alyssa


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