Our New Friend – Third World Order Productions

We’re welcoming a new friend aboard the AS family and we want you to meet him.  Third World Order Productions(started in 2005 by Eternal Love) is a record label dedicated to opening peoples eyes to a new way of thinking and seeing the world for what it really is.  They want to awake your consciousness using the best most intellectual and knowledgeable music they can find.

“This movement is not just about bringing hip hop back to it’s knowledgeable and intellectual roots, but also about helping educate the people and get them to learn about the planet we live on and the society we live in.  Give them positive music that won’t poison their minds and will also open people up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities on their journey.”

That just about sums it up better than I ever could.  Though the message Eternal Love is trying to send isn’t tied directly to what we here at Angry Spade are doing, it is closely related and it’s something that we believe in and also something that we would like to extend to all of you.  Not into hip-hop? That’s fine, this is about more than that.  Each and every person who is awake or on the path to it is considered a Guardian of the Earth to Eternal, he started this group to bring together all of these people who share the same visions of helping to wake people up.  Are you awake?…

I’ve brought you here, and Eternal Love can show you the way, but it’s up to you to use the info given and do the research yourself.  What you find will change everything.  Find it all here, on the Third World Order Website.

You can also check out Eternal Love on his Myspace Page if you want to find some new music.  Enjoy!

Love you all ❤
Jen | Angry Spade Clothing Co.
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PS- Lots of info coming soon on the spring line and tons of other stuff. Stay tuned!


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