Summer Line Coming Friday!

That’s right!  It’s been a long wait and we’ve come across some problems(read here if you missed it) but we’re finally ready to release our new line and the big release date is THIS FRIDAY!  We’ll be putting out 2 new items that will be available as single pieces OR in a couple different package deals that can save you money while still getting all of the new gear you want.

So, what will be included in this release? Well, unfortunately we’ll only be dropping half of what we originally planned on because we were unable to come to an agreement with the printer who messed up the shirts.  We decided not to include the new design in our summer line because we would rather put out a top quality product than half ass it and end up paying for it later(we don’t want any unhappy customers, ever).

Okay…so what WILL be in the new line?  Don’t worry this is still a pretty big line for us and we’re offering up a brand new product that we’ve never carried before.  That part is still a surprise but what we CAN show you is this…

Any ideas?? Long time fans of Angry Spade should definitely know what this is because we pretty much gave it all away in our last set of previews posted on Facebook.  But not only are we putting out new tees, we took the time to source out higher quality, better fitting, lesser shrinking and more awesome t-shirt blanks to print on!  No other indie brands print on these tees and you’ll be in for a sweet surprise once you try yours on.  It took quite a bit of time and research and ordering samples, but we’re very happy with the result and we know you will be too.

On top of that, we’ve decided to get rid of those annoying tags that rub on your neck and replace them with super soft screen printed tags!  These feel so much better and they make the shirt look ten times more professional and finished.  Enjoy the extra comfort!

And then last but not least…each shirt is now fixed with one of these custom woven hem tags.  They don’t add comfort, but they DO look awesome and give it more flair than your average t-shirt.  Don’t you agree?  Plus, we sewed each one on in house instead of paying someone else to do it, just one of the many ways we keep costs down so that we can put out a lower priced product.

All in all we think that for what we lost with not releasing that new design, we made up for by doubling the quality of our shirts.  Again, these new shirts will be released this Friday, on July 8th.  Keep your eyes peeled for that new surprise product!

Until then, please help us out by suggesting our Facebook page to your friends or sending out a tweet about us on Twitter.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Much Love ❤
Jen & Alyssa


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