About Angry Spade

Angry Spade Clothing Co. was founded in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania during January of 2010 by an aspiring t-shirt artist by the name of Jen Morgan;  here is our story:

The name Angry Spade was brought about by Jen based on a superstition she has about the spade. To most it is nothing more than a suit in playing cards, but to her it holds good luck and can be a safety blanket to help protect against bad things in life. Not evil necessarily, but just day to day struggles that can easily make one unhappy.

Angry Spade as a clothing brand is about all of the different kinds of energy we come across in life, whether they be good or bad. We are also about trying to stay positive and believing in yourself through bad days, tough weeks or rough months, we all tend to forget even if it’s just for a few minutes. We’re about reminding yourself that it’s okay to have negative feelings sometimes, you’re human, we’re human, we’re all living breathing things that share in these emotions, but no matter how tough it may be, you should always find a way through these situations, because that’s all they really are: situations.  Situations that you’ll get through, learn from and grow because of.

Angry Spade is here to bring out these feelings that we all dislike and sometimes fear to show everyone that there is always a good side, that silver lining. Everything has an opposite. The designs made here at Angry Spade are constructed around spades, mixing them into the themes of life and its many emotions.  Think of each shirt as your very own wearable safety blanket.

Our shirts are made with good quality in mind and a great deal of time and thought goes into each and every one. Angry Spade strives to make each purchase an experience rather than just a transaction…and that is exactly what you will get.


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