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Times Are Changing…

I have huge news for all of you amazing fans today. I’ve been thinking about how to tell you guys this for quite some time, and it’s been really hard to keep this all a secret while I work on the plans and ideas that I have for the future. But I am both really excited and also really sad to tell you that starting on December 10th, Angry Spade will no longer be around. But please, keep reading…

I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end, I came here, to tell you how it’s going to begin.” – Neo – The Matrix

Angry Spade isn’t actually closing down, it’s changing. We’re in the works of turning it into a completely new brand that is 20 times better than you can even imagine. I’ve learned so much from running AS for the past 3 years and now when I step back and look at what I’ve created, I just know that I can make it so much better, and that’s what I intend to do.

We can’t give you any details yet, but soon we’ll be able to start showing off all kinds of previews of stuff we’re working on. Once we have our new custom website all finished, then we’ll start revealing what we have up our sleeves. All I can say right now is that you better get ready to have your minds blown.

As sad as I am to have to tell you guys this, I’m so stoked to get to work on this new project! As always, if any of you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesatate to get in contact! You can still email me anytime at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

On Saturday night (December 10th), well be taking down our online store, and start changing things. And of course, this means that you’ll only be able to get our shirts for the next 5 days, so make sure to grab anything you’ve been wanting before then, it won’t be coming back! I repeat, it WILL NOT be coming back.

As a thank you to everyone who has supported us, and who will hopefully continue to support us, take 25% off of anything in our store with the discount code ASISCHANGING

Thank you all so much, you’ve made this experience more than I could have ever asked for and I am so grateful to have spent it with you guys.

Peace and love ❤
Jen M.
Angry Spade Clothing Co.


Free Sticker Friday!

[The next Free Sticker Friday is coming on July 29th]

This is something we do every other week so pay attention if you want free stuff!  It’s called Free Sticker Friday(FSF) and it’s a chance for you and your buddies to get free stickers just for tweeting about us or tagging us on Facebook.  This is NOT a contest, everyone who participates WILL get free stickers!  Read on for details…

1- Follow us on Twitter – @AngrySpade (Don’t have a Twitter account? That’s fine, skip to step 4)
2- Copy/Paste THIS tweet – Check out the new @AngrySpade summer line! They have new tank tops and t-shirts
3- Grab the link to your tweet(heres how) and save it(you‘ll need it in a bit.)
Read on if you want double stickers, if not, then skip to the 7th step.
4- Like our Facebook Page –
5- Tag us in your Facebook status and tell your friends to check out our new summer line, make sure you attach this link – AND tag us or your second entry won’t count.
6- Take a screenshot of your Facebook status and save it.(you‘ll need it and the link to your tweet above in a second)
7- Email with the subject “Free Sticker Friday” and include the following info:
Name, address,  link to your tweet, and the screenshot of your Facebook post.
8- You’re done! You’ll be getting free stickers in the mail!

BUT that’s not all!  Everyone who participates in Free Sticker Friday is entered into a MONTHLY contest to win a 50% off coupon to our store.  You CAN enter the contest TWICE per month but you only get free stickers ONCE per month.  If you win we’ll contact you on the last day of the month to let you know and give you your coupon code.

Thanks for the support! Can’t wait to start seeing you’re entries =)

Jen | Angry Spade Clothing Co.

Summer Line Coming Friday!

That’s right!  It’s been a long wait and we’ve come across some problems(read here if you missed it) but we’re finally ready to release our new line and the big release date is THIS FRIDAY!  We’ll be putting out 2 new items that will be available as single pieces OR in a couple different package deals that can save you money while still getting all of the new gear you want.

So, what will be included in this release? Well, unfortunately we’ll only be dropping half of what we originally planned on because we were unable to come to an agreement with the printer who messed up the shirts.  We decided not to include the new design in our summer line because we would rather put out a top quality product than half ass it and end up paying for it later(we don’t want any unhappy customers, ever).

Okay…so what WILL be in the new line?  Don’t worry this is still a pretty big line for us and we’re offering up a brand new product that we’ve never carried before.  That part is still a surprise but what we CAN show you is this…

Any ideas?? Long time fans of Angry Spade should definitely know what this is because we pretty much gave it all away in our last set of previews posted on Facebook.  But not only are we putting out new tees, we took the time to source out higher quality, better fitting, lesser shrinking and more awesome t-shirt blanks to print on!  No other indie brands print on these tees and you’ll be in for a sweet surprise once you try yours on.  It took quite a bit of time and research and ordering samples, but we’re very happy with the result and we know you will be too.

On top of that, we’ve decided to get rid of those annoying tags that rub on your neck and replace them with super soft screen printed tags!  These feel so much better and they make the shirt look ten times more professional and finished.  Enjoy the extra comfort!

And then last but not least…each shirt is now fixed with one of these custom woven hem tags.  They don’t add comfort, but they DO look awesome and give it more flair than your average t-shirt.  Don’t you agree?  Plus, we sewed each one on in house instead of paying someone else to do it, just one of the many ways we keep costs down so that we can put out a lower priced product.

All in all we think that for what we lost with not releasing that new design, we made up for by doubling the quality of our shirts.  Again, these new shirts will be released this Friday, on July 8th.  Keep your eyes peeled for that new surprise product!

Until then, please help us out by suggesting our Facebook page to your friends or sending out a tweet about us on Twitter.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Much Love ❤
Jen & Alyssa

So, What The Heck Happened?!

So as you all well know, our spring line was suppose to release some time ago, and by some time ago I mean a few months ago.  We felt it’s time to let you guys know what’s taking so long and why we still haven’t released anything.  Before I even get into that though I want to sincerely apologize for the wait and I promise to make it up to you, I’m just as disappointed as some of you are about this and we’re doing everything we can to get this resolved as soon as possible.

In the beginning we planned on releasing what was going to be the biggest line we have ever had.  It consisted of 100 shirts(3 tees and one new surprise product) and at first everything was going great, the designs turned out awesome and we started getting ready to order the shirts…and here is where we went wrong.  Up until this point we had always used Threadbird for our printing, but in an effort to lower our prices we found another screen printer who could do what we needed for a lower price(or so they claimed) and after ordering some samples of their previous work and deciding it all checked out okay, we went ahead and placed our order.

A few weeks later we finally got to approve the initial mock up of the tees and get the order into production.  When we eventually did receive the shirts, we couldn’t believe the quality they came to us in…the shirts were ripped, stained, and the ink was even smudged on some of them.  Me and Alyssa constantly strive to provide the best products we can to you and in no way could we ever even think about selling these.  We went to great lengths to make this line something special, something way better than anything we’ve done before and we’ll do whatever it takes to provide that to you.

Right now as I type this, the shirts are on a UPS truck on their way back to the printer to be “reviewed” and then if they decide they are deserving of a reprint we’ll have brand new shirts shipped back to us.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed tightly that they’ll replace the shirts for us, but if they won’t then we’ll be getting them reprinted somewhere else.  Obviously we can’t promise anything as far as an exact date for the new release, but we’re optimistic that it will be within the next month or two.

Again I will say how sorry I am, I’ve been talking with all of you over Twitter & Facebook and I’ve been hyping this thing up for so long.  I feel like I have let you all down and I swear I will make up for it.  All of the Angry Spade fans mean so much to me and your continued support is what has kept me doing this during the hard times.  Please bear with us on this bump in the road.

Much Love ❤
Jen Morgan
Angry Spade Clothing Co.

PS- You can use the discount code LIVEANDLEARN for 25% off of everything in our store until the new line drops.

Free Worldwide Shipping!

Due to a quick little contest type thing we did on our Facebook page earlier today we’re offering up 100% FREE worldwide shipping!!  You don’t have to do anything but shop normally and the savings will be passed on to you =)  This deal expires in 7 days so don’t wait around!  Head on over to what shirts we have left!

We’ve also started up a street team if you guys haven’t heard, you can earn free shirts for helping us promote both online and offline.  Read more if you think you might be interested.

The new line is coming along but there have been a few delays, it’s almost here though so your wait is almost over! More details coming soon =)

Thanks for your love and support ❤


First TWLOHA Donation!

The receipt from our first donation to To Write Love On Her Arms! Thanks to all of you who bought our first run of wristbands.  These have been a huge success and we hope to keep doing this for as long as we can.  Would you guys like to see any other colors made? We’ll keep it in mind for when we order next time.

If you missed out then go pick one up now! 50% of profits go to suicide and mental illness awareness.  There are only 5 left right now so don’t wait too long 😉

Hope you are all doing well ❤
Jen & Alyssa

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Our New Friend – Third World Order Productions

We’re welcoming a new friend aboard the AS family and we want you to meet him.  Third World Order Productions(started in 2005 by Eternal Love) is a record label dedicated to opening peoples eyes to a new way of thinking and seeing the world for what it really is.  They want to awake your consciousness using the best most intellectual and knowledgeable music they can find.

“This movement is not just about bringing hip hop back to it’s knowledgeable and intellectual roots, but also about helping educate the people and get them to learn about the planet we live on and the society we live in.  Give them positive music that won’t poison their minds and will also open people up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities on their journey.”

That just about sums it up better than I ever could.  Though the message Eternal Love is trying to send isn’t tied directly to what we here at Angry Spade are doing, it is closely related and it’s something that we believe in and also something that we would like to extend to all of you.  Not into hip-hop? That’s fine, this is about more than that.  Each and every person who is awake or on the path to it is considered a Guardian of the Earth to Eternal, he started this group to bring together all of these people who share the same visions of helping to wake people up.  Are you awake?…

I’ve brought you here, and Eternal Love can show you the way, but it’s up to you to use the info given and do the research yourself.  What you find will change everything.  Find it all here, on the Third World Order Website.

You can also check out Eternal Love on his Myspace Page if you want to find some new music.  Enjoy!

Love you all ❤
Jen | Angry Spade Clothing Co.
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PS- Lots of info coming soon on the spring line and tons of other stuff. Stay tuned!