Meet TFKidz! – A Chicago Based Dance Crew

We’re big supporters of people using their creativity and getting out there in the world and using it.  Before I brought you Eternal Love and his record label, Third World Order Productions.  Today I want to show you a group of kids ages 14-18 who started their own dance crew called TFKidz, they’ve proven themselves in battles and are said to be one of the best crews in the Midwest.  They dance with a big mix of different styles including jerking, popping and break-dancing.

They contacted me asking if I could help them get to the next level, and I definitely want to try to do that.  But it takes more than just me telling you they’re good, check out this video, and all of the other ones on their official YouTube Channel and spread the word!  They need your help, and your voice to make it out there.  Spread these videos, and spread this blog post to help them get known all over the place!

TFKidz are going places, and you don’t want to be the person who finds out late to the game and has no idea what’s going on.  Do yourself a favor! =)  Make sure you like their Facebook page to stay updated on what they have going on.

The only other thing I want to add is that I think its really awesome to see these kids outside, getting exercise and doing what they love instead of sitting at home on the couch wasting their lives with video games and potato chips.  I support them 100%.


Our New Friend – Third World Order Productions

We’re welcoming a new friend aboard the AS family and we want you to meet him.  Third World Order Productions(started in 2005 by Eternal Love) is a record label dedicated to opening peoples eyes to a new way of thinking and seeing the world for what it really is.  They want to awake your consciousness using the best most intellectual and knowledgeable music they can find.

“This movement is not just about bringing hip hop back to it’s knowledgeable and intellectual roots, but also about helping educate the people and get them to learn about the planet we live on and the society we live in.  Give them positive music that won’t poison their minds and will also open people up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities on their journey.”

That just about sums it up better than I ever could.  Though the message Eternal Love is trying to send isn’t tied directly to what we here at Angry Spade are doing, it is closely related and it’s something that we believe in and also something that we would like to extend to all of you.  Not into hip-hop? That’s fine, this is about more than that.  Each and every person who is awake or on the path to it is considered a Guardian of the Earth to Eternal, he started this group to bring together all of these people who share the same visions of helping to wake people up.  Are you awake?…

I’ve brought you here, and Eternal Love can show you the way, but it’s up to you to use the info given and do the research yourself.  What you find will change everything.  Find it all here, on the Third World Order Website.

You can also check out Eternal Love on his Myspace Page if you want to find some new music.  Enjoy!

Love you all ❤
Jen | Angry Spade Clothing Co.
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PS- Lots of info coming soon on the spring line and tons of other stuff. Stay tuned!

Auxiliary Buttons Review

As some of you know we have been working with Auxiliary Buttons to find the latest thing to add to our store, and we found it!  The other day we released our series of Find The Key metallic buttons.  Auxiliary did an amazing job on these, and we got them in less than a week!  I promised to write a review of these when I got them for any other clothing lines that may be looking for buttons, so here it is:

Like I already stated, we ordered metallic buttons, opted for the 1.25″ size and split our order up into four different color combos.  The result was better than we expected!  Look at these bad boys!

Metallic Buttons

The picture doesn’t do these much justice, they’re a bit more metallic and brighter in color than they look but you can get the gist of it.  They’re super shiny and the pins are nicely secured where they belong.

The turn around time was amazing! We got these in about 5 business days from the day we paid for them, that is REALLY fast.  So if you’re in a rush, don’t worry too much about it Auxiliary can work with you.  Just don’t forget, they’re still human, so don’t expect your buttons tomorrow or something.

Another thing I liked is they separated our four designs into little zip lock bags,  this was really nice and saved me the work of doing it myself.  I know it’s not a huge amount of work or anything but it was just nice to see the effort put forth.  Anyway, if you were thinking about ordering from Auxiliary but you aren’t sure yet, stop debating, here is all the proof you need that they can provide you with what you need at a great price.  And fast!

If you missed it before, read the intro post I did about them here.  You can also follow Auxiliary Buttons on Twitter or like them on Facebook.  GO!

You can grab one of these buttons for only $1.50 or get all four for $2.99 from the Angry Spade store.


PS- If you order, tell them Angry Spade sent you! =)

Auxiliary Buttons!

Since starting Angry Spade about a year ago, we’ve come across some really great companies and I feel it’s only fair to help them out by spreading the word since they help us out so much with they’re great services.  Today I’d like to introduce you to Auxiliary Buttons, an awesome pin back button printing service that offers quite a bit more than just buttons.

ButtonsAside from these widely popular little treasures that everyone seems to love, Auxiliary also offers 1.5″ and 3″ buttons as well as zipper pulls.  On top of that they have bundling services where they assemble button packs for you and they’ll even include other items you might want to add in for you, just ask!

BundlingNot a fan of regular old buttons? Check out these metallic ones!  Adds a shiny metallic look to your buttons and makes them really stand out.  We might be getting some of these bad ass pins to go with our new shirt coming out in January.  What do you guys think?

Metallic Buttons

Auxiliary Buttons turnaround time is 5-7 business days and rush orders are available upon request.  Their prices start at just $21 for 100 buttons, that’s a GREAT deal!  If you’re looking to get some promo items printed up for your clothing line/band/whatever, take a look at Auxiliary, they deserve your business.

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PS- As soon as we get these buttons in I’ll write a review and have some pictures for you all to see, just in case you aren’t convinced yet 😉

EDIT- Here is the review!

Sticker Mule – New Sticker Printing Service

While par-oozing around the inter webs I stumbled across Sticker Mule.  A totally cool and awesome sticker printing service that offers custom die cut stickers along with all of the usual shapes and sizes.  They print on high quality vinyl in full color.  According to the description on their website, their stickers will last up to 5-7 years without fading, on top of that, they are scratch and water resistant.  Neat!

My favorite part about Sticker Mule is that they offer FREE shipping through UPS.  That is pretty sick, I must say.  They don’t only offer stickers, they also whip up some mean laptop and iPhone skins that will leave you gawking for quite a while.  Okay…maybe that was a little overboard.  But you catch my drift.  They’re just an awesome printing place with a lot to offer.  I won’t keep talking long, but here are some of my favorites from their website:

I’m placing an order with these guys pretty soon.  I will update you all with pictures when they come in!  Pretty excited to get some new stickers printed by Sticker Mule.

Rosslyn – A Band To Watch Out For


Angry Spade attended a concert last Friday and we were fortunate enough to have a merch table next to an amazing band called Rosslyn.  I had never heard of them before, but when they took the stage I felt like I could listen to them forever.  After they played I went right to their table and bought their CD and a t-shirt.  So it only seems right that I tell as many people as I can about them and write a nice feature about them.

Rosslyn is a new and upcoming band from Pittsburgh, PA.  They have a very bright and easy to listen to type style, some would call it christian/pop punk.  I just call it awesome.  Their song ‘Point of View’ is by far my favorite song by them.  But please, don’t just take my word for it, give these boys a listen.  They do deserve the attention because with all of the local bands fighting to get noticed out there, these guys are really standing out.  You can hear some of their songs on the Rosslyn Myspace Page.  And if you like it as much as I do, their EP is available on iTunes.

I had a short conversation with one of the band members, I’m sorry to say that I cannot remember his name, but he was a very nice guy.  He apparently had heard of Angry Spade before from someone in New York.  This is great news, it makes me feel good to know that our brand is spreading out.

Tips For Professional Looking Product Photos

When I was first starting out with Angry Spade, I did a ton of reading about the best ways to display products on a website. I got many different opinions but most people I talked to said that they prefer to see a photo of the real product. This makes perfect sense, but you can’t just go around snapping any old picture of the product you are trying to sell. The better the picture, the better the product will look. So, you want your photos to look as professional as possible. I have collected a few hints and tips along the way and I’d like to share them with anyone who is looking to learn a thing or two about photographing their t-shirts (I say t-shirts because that’s what I have the most experience with).

Don’t start out thinking that you need some amazing two thousand dollar SLR camera to take nice pictures with, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt if you had one, but you don’t need one. I myself have a small Canon 10 mega pixel camera and it works just fine for me; It’s just a matter of finding the right way to use your camera. Trying out different angles can make a world of difference. The best method that I’ve found so far is laying the shirt down flat on the floor and standing on a chair to take the picture from above. By doing this you don’t have to struggle to get the whole shirt in the shot and it turns out nice and even.

Another thing I would like to talk about is backgrounds because they can make a big difference in the way your pictures look. Sure a plain white background is fine, but why settle for that when you can do anything you want? Hard wood floors or carpet with patterns look good. Or of course there are other choices like taking your shirts outside where there are endless options like grass or gravel, cement side walks or you could even do what we did for Angry Spade and use a wooden deck as a background. Get creative, there is no reason not to!

When it comes down to looking at the pictures you’ve taken, don’t get discouraged when you realize you’re going to have to edit them. It doesn’t mean you suck at taking pictures, it’s just that your camera will pick up tiny details that you didn’t notice at the time. Small things like dust and lint find their way into photos no matter what, it’s nothing to worry about, just edit it out. This does require a bit of knowledge with Photoshop or a software with similar abilities but it is not hard to learn how to do. Instead of me telling you all how to do this in a boring lecture, I’m going to show you the video tutorial that I learned the best method from. You can thank Kelly Kiernan, the founder of Cure Apparel for this great video.

See, that’s not so hard now, is it? That’s about all of the hints I have to share with you guys, the rest is up to you to explore. Just remember to be creative and original with your ideas and everyone will love them. Take care and have an awesome weekend!!

PS- Don’t forget about our ongoing contest to win a free t-shirt!! You can read the details in this blog post.