Friends of Angry Spade

We have come across lots of people who have helped us in some way or another, and other people that we think are just awesome.   This page is a shout out to all of them.

Printing Services – Threadbird | A Unique Impression | Sticker Mule | Sticker Guy | StandOUT Stickers | Sticker Robot | Auxiliary Buttons | Miles To Go Belts

Clothing Lines – Zombie Liquorice | Cure Apparel | Vicious History | 7th Ink | Miles To Go | Venus Fallen

Blogs – Tee Gazette | In My Short Sleeve | I Am The Trend | Tee Magnet | Tee Addicts | Shirthunters | T-Shirt Homepage | Tee Directory | From Up North

Need photos of your band/clothing line/anything else?  Talk to Adam from Focused In Photography.

The Third World Order – The Third World Order was founded by Eternal Love in 2005 in hopes of enlightening and helping awake people’s Consciousnesses through intellectual, knowledgeable and outstanding music.

Omerica Organic – If you have stretched ears, then you need to check these guys out.  They do custom made to order wooden plugs with high quality organic materials.  Even if you DON’T have stretched ears, they still carry belt buckles and dog tags as well as tons of other stuff.  I’ve ordered from them quite a few times and even wrote a review to show people the quality they’ll receive.  You can get 20% off your first order with my rep code JMFROMAS

TFKidz – a Chicago based dance crew made up of kids ages 14-18.  They’ve proven themselves in battles and are said to be one of the best crews in the Midwest.  They dance with a mix of different styles including  jerking, popping and break-dancing.  I think its really awesome to see these kids outside, getting exercise and doing what they love instead of sitting at home on the couch wasting their lives with video games and potato chips.  I support them 100% and so should you.  Read more about them here.