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First TWLOHA Donation!

The receipt from our first donation to To Write Love On Her Arms! Thanks to all of you who bought our first run of wristbands.  These have been a huge success and we hope to keep doing this for as long as we can.  Would you guys like to see any other colors made? We’ll keep it in mind for when we order next time.

If you missed out then go pick one up now! 50% of profits go to suicide and mental illness awareness.  There are only 5 left right now so don’t wait too long 😉

Hope you are all doing well ❤
Jen & Alyssa

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Spring Broke Sale! + Lots Of Updates

Spring Broke Banner

First of all, hi! I’m sorry I don’t update this more, I guess I kind of forget since we already have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and everything like it.  Lets get down to business…

I Am The Trend is hosting this HUGE list of sales and we’re a part of it, for 24 hours only we’ll have $10 tees, $8 belts and tons of free stickers and buttons to go with them!  Hop on over now to score some Angry Spade gear and help us out with our spring line to be!  Also, make sure you check out the other brands featured in this massive list.

In Other News:

Spring Line Update: I know, a lot of our shirts are out of stock or are very limited, and it sucks.  But rest assured, we’ve been working hard on the spring line which does include a reprint or two, not saying which design(s) just yet but we’re pretty confident you’re going to love it.  More details will be coming very soon!

Tee Madness 2011: I Am The Trend hosted another Tee Madness this year and though we fought a super hard battle and stayed ahead in the game the entire first round, we fell to randr tees in the last half hour.  So, we didn’t make it to round two, but we did gain a ton of exposure and we got to see first hand how dedicated our fan base really is.  randr has over three thousand Facebook fans compared to our 280 something and we still somehow managed to stay above them until the very end.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and rallied up their friends, you mean the world to us and we wouldn’t be here with out you.  Make sure you still go back and vote for the other brands that are still in the running!

New Facebook Goal: Since Tee Madness is over for us, we’ve started a new goal.  We want to make it above 200 Facebook fans before our new line comes out.  You can help!  Facebook unfortunately got rid of the “suggest page to friends” function, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do it.  One of the easiest ways to do it is tag us in a post, just type @ and then Angry Spade and choose our page in the little drop down box.  Write a message about us and when your friends see your post hopefully they’ll love us just like you do and ‘like’ our page.  Simple as that, and we will notice people doing this for us, we’ll occasionally be choosing people and sending them free stuff for helping us.  NOTE: In order to tag us in a post, you have to first ‘like’ our page. Our Facebook page can be found HERE.

Once we reach 200 fans we’ll post previews of some spring line action!

Don’t like Facebook? We’ll then feel free to do the same thing on Twitter instead =) You can find us at @AngrySpade

I think that’s just about all I have for you right now, enjoy the Spring Broke sale while it lasts! There won’t be another sale for quite a while.

$10 Tee BlowOut Sale!

Just wanted to spread the word on to you guys & gals that we’re having a $10 tee blow out sale until Monday. It’s time to get rid of our old stock so we can get some fresh new stuff/reprints in for spring! Even if you don’t pick something up during the sale we would really appreciate it if you could tweet about it or even post it on facebook for us, your support really means a lot.

We’re going through a lot of changes as far as growing and becoming a better brand and I hope that we can have your continued support as we go through these changes. Lots of new things to come very soon and this sale is meant to make them happen faster =)

Thanks everyone! Head over and grab some tees – A lot of stuff is very limited right now so you might not want to wait too much longer on these.

PS- If you haven’t heard we lowered our international shipping to start at just $8 instead of the $13 it was before!

Much love ❤
Jen & Alyssa | Angry Spade Clothing Co.

Say Good Bye To $9 Grab Bag Tees!

Grab Bag

That’s right, it’s been a good time but its time so say bye bye to the grab bag tee deal.  For about one more week we’ll have one of each size in stock, if you want one of our tees for only $9 then you better go right now and get one because who knows when(or if) we’ll ever bring this deal back.  Click here to snag one now!

Don’t know how this deal works?  Well here’s a quick run down:

These shirts are chosen at random (in your size of course! Not to worry you won’t be getting THAT kind of surprise from us!) and sent out just like any of our other shirts.  We also include free stickers and buttons!

If you happen to already have a particular shirt of ours and want to make sure you don’t go paying for a repeat, not to worry! Just email us at leave a note during check out) and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen! Keep in mind though, by repeats we mean same colour and design; you may receive the same design, but in a different colour than the one you have.

If you miss out on this deal, don’t whine!  You have been warned =)

Love you all ❤
Jen & Alyssa

The Last Leaf Drops Tonight!

No pun intended. (ba da dum pssh)

The Last Leaf

The Last Leaf

As you all know our new shirt titled The Last Leaf is scheduled to release tonight at midnight.  Everything is still going as planned, but there is a small bump in the road.  Details:

Unfortunately there has been a slight delay getting these new shirts in, but we aren’t letting that stop us from releasing them on time!  From tonight until the shirts arrive on our doorstep, we are offering these up for presale!  You can place your order as you normally would and we will ship the shirts(and any other items in your order) as soon as we get them in.  The Last Leaf t-shirts will be here within the next week and a half so no worries about a really long wait.  PLUS as a special thank you to anyone who orders during the presale, we’ll be giving you your very own 15% off discount code good for any future purchase you make from our store.  On top of that, every order also comes with free stickers!

So there you have it, the dirty details on tonight’s release.  Now, as we are very sorry that things haven’t played out as planned, we hope this won’t stop you from wanting to purchase and love one of these awesome shirts that we put our heart and soul into.  Thank you all so much for the love and support ❤

Jen & Alyssa
Angry Spade Clothing Co.

PS- Don’t forget! The bracelets are already here and they will be released on time as well!  Hype us on Shirt Launch!

Here’s The Haps

Hello there!  We hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are ready to bring in the new year, we sure are!  There’s lots of new stuff going on in 2011 and here are just a few of them:

New shirts – You may have seen the preview we posted a little while ago that introduced our new design titled The Last Leaf(previously called The Lonely Tree), these new tees are still set to release on January 10th!  If you missed out on the preview come take a look here.

Bracelets – You know those rubber bracelets that everyone has?  Well, we decided to order some and do something good with them, we only ordered 10 of these bracelets and 50% off the profits will be going to a suicide prevention program.  If they go well, we’ll do them again, it’s all up to you guys and if you like them!  You can expect to see these with our winter line on January 10th.

Metallic Buttons – We ordered some seriously cool looking buttons from our friends over at Auxiliary Buttons and we can’t wait to get these in to show you guys.  They have a metallic shiny look to them which is really neat.  We got word yesterday that they’ll be here in a day or two so just hold tight we’ll be releasing these as soon as we get them!

Stickers – We have two new stickers for you guys!  One features a die cut of Find The Key, and the other is made to go with our new The Last Leaf design.  These will be up when the buttons are added to the store.  Remember, every shirt comes with free stickers too 😉

Professional Model Photos – Thanks to Adam over at Focused In Photography, we’ll be getting our new winter line professionally photographed with models and everything!  This is a big step for us and we’re super excited to be doing this, hopefully from now on all of our shirts will be photographed by Adam so they’ll be looking fresh to death!

That’s just about all of the updates we have for you right now, it’s a lot to soak in 😉  Have an awesome night everyone!

Jen & Alyssa

New Winter 2011 Line + Updates

It seems like yesterday we released our fall line(Spider Webs & Find The Key) and already we’re back with a winter line that we weren’t even sure was going to be possible.  Thanks to all of our amazing fans and all of your amazing support, our Black Friday sale went amazingly well, and we sold out of a lot of shirts including the ones from our newest fall line.  Find The Key, which was a limited edition run of 12 prints, is now down to 4, three in women’s and one in men’s, and Spider Webs is down to just a few sizes and is sold out completely in one color of the men’s sizes.  Not to mention the last bits of Sketchy Spade are just about eaten up, with only 3 left in women’s and less than 10 in men’s.  It’s time to restock, so we bring you our winter 2011 design, The Last Leaf.


Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

lone; solitary; without company; companionless.

Loneliness is one of the hardest emotions to get over, but it is by no means impossible.  Think about that last leaf left on the tree at the end of autumn, all of the other leaves have since gone, blowing away into the neighbors yard.  That last leaf seems to last the longest though, it hangs on, it’s stronger than the rest.  Being lonely, being alone, might not always be a bad thing, and you can get back up from it.  Just don’t let yourself blow away.

Some of you(most of you) probably saw an earlier version of this design that we had originally planned on printing.  But thanks to the crowd of harsh criticism we decided to have an artist help us with the design and bring it to life, per se.  The out come was amazing, the design looks a million times better than it did before.  We owe a huge thanks to Whyball for doing this design for us, he was a life saver.  Anyway, as you can see above, this design will be getting printed on a black 100% cotton tee, as that was the highest voted color choice by all of you.  It’s a two color design that the masters over at Threadbird are working on for us right now.  50 of these will be printed up, in unisex sizes XS through XXL.  We sacrificed the women’s cuts in order to provide you with the best looking print possible, the ladies shirts are just too small to fit an oversized print like this one, and we think you will agree that Lonely Tree wouldn’t be the same without the oversized print.  We compared size charts over and over, and if all the ladies size down one size, the shirt should fit just fine, so there’s nothing to worry about as far as sizing goes.

Our official set date for this release is January 10th, on that day you’ll be able to purchase one of these new tees for $17.99. Each shirt will come with a free sticker.  Until then, we are trying to reach out to everyone we can to spread the word about this release.  If you would like to be notified when the shirts are dropped, then you can sign up for our newsletter.  We only send 1-2 a month no matter what, we understand you don’t want your inbox filled.  We hope you will help us spread the word and tell your friends about this release.  On January 1st everyone will be able to start hyping the launch on

But, I think I’ve typed enough.  Let us know what you think about the shirt in a comment! We would love your feedback.

Jen & Alyssa
Angry Spade Clothing Co.