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Free Sticker Friday!

[The next Free Sticker Friday is coming on July 29th]

This is something we do every other week so pay attention if you want free stuff!  It’s called Free Sticker Friday(FSF) and it’s a chance for you and your buddies to get free stickers just for tweeting about us or tagging us on Facebook.  This is NOT a contest, everyone who participates WILL get free stickers!  Read on for details…

1- Follow us on Twitter – @AngrySpade (Don’t have a Twitter account? That’s fine, skip to step 4)
2- Copy/Paste THIS tweet – Check out the new @AngrySpade summer line! They have new tank tops and t-shirts
3- Grab the link to your tweet(heres how) and save it(you‘ll need it in a bit.)
Read on if you want double stickers, if not, then skip to the 7th step.
4- Like our Facebook Page –
5- Tag us in your Facebook status and tell your friends to check out our new summer line, make sure you attach this link – AND tag us or your second entry won’t count.
6- Take a screenshot of your Facebook status and save it.(you‘ll need it and the link to your tweet above in a second)
7- Email with the subject “Free Sticker Friday” and include the following info:
Name, address,  link to your tweet, and the screenshot of your Facebook post.
8- You’re done! You’ll be getting free stickers in the mail!

BUT that’s not all!  Everyone who participates in Free Sticker Friday is entered into a MONTHLY contest to win a 50% off coupon to our store.  You CAN enter the contest TWICE per month but you only get free stickers ONCE per month.  If you win we’ll contact you on the last day of the month to let you know and give you your coupon code.

Thanks for the support! Can’t wait to start seeing you’re entries =)

Jen | Angry Spade Clothing Co.