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Free Worldwide Shipping!

Due to a quick little contest type thing we did on our Facebook page earlier today we’re offering up 100% FREE worldwide shipping!!  You don’t have to do anything but shop normally and the savings will be passed on to you =)  This deal expires in 7 days so don’t wait around!  Head on over to what shirts we have left!

We’ve also started up a street team if you guys haven’t heard, you can earn free shirts for helping us promote both online and offline.  Read more if you think you might be interested.

The new line is coming along but there have been a few delays, it’s almost here though so your wait is almost over! More details coming soon =)

Thanks for your love and support ❤



Spring Broke Sale! + Lots Of Updates

Spring Broke Banner

First of all, hi! I’m sorry I don’t update this more, I guess I kind of forget since we already have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and everything like it.  Lets get down to business…

I Am The Trend is hosting this HUGE list of sales and we’re a part of it, for 24 hours only we’ll have $10 tees, $8 belts and tons of free stickers and buttons to go with them!  Hop on over now to score some Angry Spade gear and help us out with our spring line to be!  Also, make sure you check out the other brands featured in this massive list.

In Other News:

Spring Line Update: I know, a lot of our shirts are out of stock or are very limited, and it sucks.  But rest assured, we’ve been working hard on the spring line which does include a reprint or two, not saying which design(s) just yet but we’re pretty confident you’re going to love it.  More details will be coming very soon!

Tee Madness 2011: I Am The Trend hosted another Tee Madness this year and though we fought a super hard battle and stayed ahead in the game the entire first round, we fell to randr tees in the last half hour.  So, we didn’t make it to round two, but we did gain a ton of exposure and we got to see first hand how dedicated our fan base really is.  randr has over three thousand Facebook fans compared to our 280 something and we still somehow managed to stay above them until the very end.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and rallied up their friends, you mean the world to us and we wouldn’t be here with out you.  Make sure you still go back and vote for the other brands that are still in the running!

New Facebook Goal: Since Tee Madness is over for us, we’ve started a new goal.  We want to make it above 200 Facebook fans before our new line comes out.  You can help!  Facebook unfortunately got rid of the “suggest page to friends” function, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do it.  One of the easiest ways to do it is tag us in a post, just type @ and then Angry Spade and choose our page in the little drop down box.  Write a message about us and when your friends see your post hopefully they’ll love us just like you do and ‘like’ our page.  Simple as that, and we will notice people doing this for us, we’ll occasionally be choosing people and sending them free stuff for helping us.  NOTE: In order to tag us in a post, you have to first ‘like’ our page. Our Facebook page can be found HERE.

Once we reach 200 fans we’ll post previews of some spring line action!

Don’t like Facebook? We’ll then feel free to do the same thing on Twitter instead =) You can find us at @AngrySpade

I think that’s just about all I have for you right now, enjoy the Spring Broke sale while it lasts! There won’t be another sale for quite a while.

$10 Tee BlowOut Sale!

Just wanted to spread the word on to you guys & gals that we’re having a $10 tee blow out sale until Monday. It’s time to get rid of our old stock so we can get some fresh new stuff/reprints in for spring! Even if you don’t pick something up during the sale we would really appreciate it if you could tweet about it or even post it on facebook for us, your support really means a lot.

We’re going through a lot of changes as far as growing and becoming a better brand and I hope that we can have your continued support as we go through these changes. Lots of new things to come very soon and this sale is meant to make them happen faster =)

Thanks everyone! Head over and grab some tees – A lot of stuff is very limited right now so you might not want to wait too much longer on these.

PS- If you haven’t heard we lowered our international shipping to start at just $8 instead of the $13 it was before!

Much love ❤
Jen & Alyssa | Angry Spade Clothing Co.

$9 Grab Bag Tees!

Angry Spade now has grab bag tees! We’ve decided to give you folks the to option to grab an Angry Spade shirt for just $9!

These shirts are chosen at random (in your size of course! Not to worry you won’t be getting THAT kind of surprise in the mail from us!) and sent out just like any of our other shirts. We also include free stickers and buttons!

You can’t go wrong with an Angry Spade shirt for only $9 and shipping starting at only $2.50 for the first item and just $0.25 for every item after that! (Shipping to Canada & Mexico is $10.88 and anywhere else is $12.78)

Grab yours now!

Sale! Angry Spade Shirts for $10-13!

From now until Saturday our shirts will be on sale for $10-13!  This is a great deal because our shirts are normally $15-17.  So if you were looking to try us out but didn’t want to pay full price, now is your chance to do it!

You can pick up Sketchy Spade for only $10 instead of $15

Sketchy Spade

Or you can grab Skully Spade for $13 instead of $17

Skully Spade

Both designs comes in multiple colors and they are ALL on sale so take a look at our store for all of the options.

In Other News…

Angry Spade had a merch table at a concert that was held at the Italian American Club in Pittsburgh, PA.  We had a great time!  The photos we took are all on our Facebook Page.  Take a look =)

St. Patrick’s Day Sale – 15% Off!

Hello all!  I’m sure by the title you call know what this is about.  Yes, Angry Spade is having a St. Patrick’s Day Sale!  Starting now, you can get 15% off of everything in our store, just enter the code ASPD15 at checkout.  Our shirts are normally %15 but with this sale they drop all the way to $12.75, and they come with free stickers!  We thought you would like that.

Now, head on over to the Angry Spade Store and grab one of our shirts for this awesome price, sale ends on the 19th.

In other news, we have a new design all planned out and ready to go to print!  We know that sounds awesome, but we can’t get them printed until we sell enough of the shirts we have.  As of now, we need to sell about 20 more shirts to be able to get these even more awesome ones printed up for you.  So, if you want to see some new designs, buy some shirts!  Tell you friends, help us out.  Stay tuned later this month for a preview of the shirts we plan on printing.  Thanks for your support =)